Stonehouse Distillery

John and Snezhi left their native Europe many years ago but found each other in the United States. They searched for the perfect place to call their home and settled in Winston, Montana at the base of the Elkhorn Mountains overlooking the spot where the Missouri River expands to form Canyon Ferry Lake. It’s a peaceful place where in fall you hear elk bugle, antelope greet you with a snort and coyotes sing you to sleep at night. Each morning the sunrise paints the lake with an amazing array of colors. It truly is the “Last Best Place” to live and work and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Inspired by our admiration for the local values and traditions, we founded Stonehouse Distillery to handcraft small-batch Rum and Whiskey.

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37 Muffley Ln
Winston, MT, 59647
(406) 465 – 2816

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