Portal Spirits

At Portal Spirits Distillery, we love rum. Rum is our passion and figuring out how to make it took us on an amazing journey. Any new craft worth learning has its challenges. The commitment to creating a fine rum was no exception. We wanted to pay homage to the world’s rum masters, who bring us the rum we know and love today, while at the same time putting our own unique attention and love into the time-honored spirit. So, we set to work. Our first endeavor was to explore everything there was to know about rum. We felt in order to make it right, to do it justice, we needed to discover its essence, its soul. What we learned, unexpectedly, in the process was all about the fascinating history of rum. The impact this classic libation has had on the world is immense, and yet the recipe is so simple…an intriguing paradox. What followed was an intense period of rigorous trial and error, finding the right raw materials, the right yeasts, and creating the perfect environment for fermentation.

For the “stuff” of rum, we settled on fine raw sugar from Louisiana, and pristine water from Rocky Mountain aquifers. For optimal conditioning, we made the choice to double filter our rum through activated carbon to refine its intensity and balance out its complex flavor profile. And lastly, measured and thorough exposure to oak completes the treatment of our rum, guaranteeing a refined finish to what has become our favorite spirit.

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465 Ash Rd
Kalispell, MT, 59901
(406) 253 - 1981

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