White Raven Winery

White Raven Winery brings the honesty and wildness of Montana to every glass. Created, owned, and loved by born-and-raised Montanans, our winery is located near the base of Columbia Mountain, mere minutes from the west entrance to Glacier National Park. We make all of our wines on-site—four of these are made using Montana grapes.


In legends and folklore, the white raven appears as a mysterious and uncommon bird. Some legends claim that white ravens are killed by their parents prior to reaching adulthood because they are less likely to blend in with their surroundings. To this day, the white raven compels wonder and curiosity. That’s the spirit of White Raven Winery: we’re a rarity out here in Montana, but our goal isn’t to blend in. Our intention is to stand out, and keep our guests returning for that flavor that many simply describe as “coming home.”

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7457 US-2 E
Columbia Falls, MT, 59912
(406) 797 - 7229

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