Lolo Peak Brewing Co.

"We Built a Brewery"

Since the very first step we took on this new adventure…our intent was undoubtedly simple! Keep our clients and community needs the utmost priority. We absolutely knew that we could only throw the stone in the river as far as our support would allow us. With that in mind, "We Built a Brewery" based on the following:
1. Offer an atmosphere that defies gravity, where you can literally feel the pressure of life lift when you walk in our establishment!
2. Mold creativity, laughter and relaxation into the tastiest dish you have ever consumed.
3. Establish a social trend in the community that emphasizes support and extends a genuine hand in an effort to provide the strongest friendships.
4. Integrate quality ingredients from around the country with the intent to create a harmony between beer and food that gets stuck in your head just as a song that you can't help but sing over and over again!

Ultimately, we are here for you, to create a community bond stronger than steel and to create a smile of pleasure each time you reach your lips towards a pint of Lolo Peak Brewing Company's finest craft beers. Our mission was simple and will always remain, “We Built a Brewery… For you!”

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6201 Brewery Way
Lolo, MT, 59847
(406) 600 - 9688

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